Automotive and new mobility

Meeting the challenges

Enormous changes are taking place in the automotive sector. For years now, manufacturers have faced increasing requirements to lower emissions (pollutants, CO2, noise). Optimising the classic internal combustion engine, as well as developing, gaining approval for and marketing new kinds of engines (electronic, hybrid or gas) and self-driving vehicles is extremely challenging – as is achieving the complete interconnectivity and digitalisation of the motor vehicle. Further opportunities and risks are also becoming apparent in the development of new mobility and car-sharing concepts and in getting to grips with complex new approval procedures such as WLTP or RDE.
These challenges are international, regulated and carry high liability risk. Regulatory advice is crucial:

  • for the relationship with regulatory, criminal enforcement and data protection agencies, with clients, with competitors, with NGOs, with shareholders and for the company’s compliance with laws and regulations
  • before, during and after production
  • in crisis situations

We know the technical foundations as well as all the challenges and phases of advising clients on regulatory issues:

  • Since 2015 – right from the beginning – we have been giving advice on the regulatory and legal aspects of one of this sector’s greatest ever crises in Germany, Europe and 30 other countries.
  • We give advice on critical issues in ongoing approval procedures; we defend clients who have run foul of regulations against lawsuits, administrative processes and criminal proceedings; we also give advice on future-oriented issues such as the switch to electromobility or the approval of self-driving vehicles.
  • Our advice is always international. It covers regulations in the EU and other member states of the UNECE as well as alignments with US regulations.
“Regulatory advice is crucial before, during and after production and in crisis situations.”

Our team has advised:

  • an international automotive group on the regulatory and legal aspects of pollutant emissions in Germany, the member states of the EU and other states in Europe and Asia that observe the UNECE regulations
  • a number of international automobile manufacturers in litigation and criminal proceedings due to alleged violations of regulatory guidelines as well as on other public-law issues
  • an international automobile manufacturer on the evaluation, development and approval for the market launch of an automated driving system in Europe and other member states of the UNECE
  • an international automobile and motorcycle producer on noise emissions
  • several international automobile manufacturers on the preparation, evaluation and implementation of new approval procedures such as WLTP and RDE
  • automobile manufacturers on approval issues and procedures as well as on new propulsion concepts such as gas or electric engines, especially PHEV and HEV
  • an international automobile manufacturer on the evaluation and implementation of battery-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • an international automobile manufacturer on concepts for upgrades
  • an international automobile manufacturer on the Brexit-induced switch from the UK regulatory authority to a different regulatory authority in the EU-28

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